Biology is currently experiencing an imaging revolution, with automated microscopes and new imaging modalities generating increasingly detailed images. However, these advancements also entail large datasets, which require new computational approaches to tackle. I am developing the tools needed to extract and analyze the data from these images. My goal is to use the resulting data to advance our understanding of cell biology by studying the patterns underlying cellular behavior and computational modeling.

Current projects

Below are some of the projects that I am currently working on.

Single-cell imaging and analysis of cyanobacteria

Projects I have contributed to with the Cameron Lab at CU Boulder.

Photodamage and recovery of cyanobacteria

My latest study involves growing and imaging multiple cyanobacteria strains simultaneously under a microscope. This approach enables us to tightly control growth conditions, including subjecting cells to light conditions to cause photoinhibition. Preliminary results show asymmetric survival of genetically-identical sibling cells, which indicate that physical factors could affect the ability of a cell to protect against damaging condition.

CyAn: A toolbox for analysis of microscope images of cyanobacteria

An image analysis pipeline, implemented in MATLAB, for extracting data from microscope images of cyanobacteria, as well as analyzing the resulting information.

Image Analysis Toolboxes

General purpose toolboxes written in the MATLAB programming language to read the proprietary Nikon ND2 image format, as well as track objects in time-lapse movies.